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Here you can find news and information and my book, Under a Poacher’s Moon (to be released February 1, 2022), as well as updates about new books in the works, appearances and signings, sales, availability of audiobooks, etc. I also will be posting essays, articles, book reviews, and other commentary on current events, nature and wildlife, human rights and civil liberties, writing and publishing, and other topics I may have expertise on as an attorney, advocate for wildlife, and a novelist.

In my non-fiction writing I strive for a thoughtful, balanced, rational, evidence-based, artful, ethical, and unique voice. No partisanship, dogma, repetition of worn-out talking points, blind faith in authority, propaganda, finger-pointing, or divisiveness. Thinking Is Allowed! (This platform, Substack, so far does not engage in censorship.)

Here’s a quote from one of my favorite writers that may shed some light on what I what I intend to write about here, and about the themes that animate much of my fiction and non-fiction writing:

“The 2020s have seen us us staggering, masked and muted, into a new time. We can all sense the craziness in the air, the feeling of our moorings being cut one by one. It feels hard sometimes just to stay upright as we live through a threefold earthquake: a global ecological breakdown; the cultural disintegration of the West; and the rise of networked technologies of control and surveillance which daily have us tighter in their grip.” - Paul Kingsnorth

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W. Aaron Vandiver is a writer, attorney, and wildlife conservationist. His novel, Under a Poacher's Moon, will be released February 1, 2022.